Professional Property Management Company in Portland

If you are in the Portland, Oregon area and want a property management company you can trust to fulfill your management needs, than look no further than Real Property Management Oregon’s Finest. We are a full service property management company within the Portland area that prides itself in great customer service and excellence. Our trained property managers are highly knowledgeable of the local area, and our property management company has a great reputation for providing high quality services to property investors. Our systems are structured with a significant amount of organization to provide clients the results they want fast.

How is Real Property Management Different?

While rental property management companies are plentiful in the local area, Real Property Management takes client services to the next level by providing superior support and obtaining substantial returns on client investments. Our property management company has the skill, knowledge and power to achieve success with investment properties, whether you have one or thousands of properties. With 25 years of experience in the business, our company has been dubbed one of the fastest growing property management companies in the nation by Inc. Magazine. Real Property Management currently has more than 240 offices spread across the United States with no end in sight due to our expansions and continued success.

Reliable Full Service Solutions for Your Property Management Needs

Getting a high rate of return on investment properties is important to any investor. Our real estate asset management company in the Portland, Oregon area can systematically get the high returns that you want. To achieve this, we use our state of the art tools to obtain wide exposure by utilizing a quality pool of potential tenants for your properties. Tenants are rigorously screened to ensure they are viable candidates to lease your properties. We do our best to keep vacancy rates low by selecting quality tenants who will likely retain the property after the initial lease period is finished. Our aim is to always have a high rate of retention for our clients. We offer a complete line of residential property management services that include managing apartments, multi-family homes, and nearly every other type of property imaginable. We handle rent collections, depository services to get funds to the client each month, maintenance, tenant selection, and other practices typically related to rental management. Although we screen clients to the best of our ability, occasions may arise when a tenant will need to be evicted. We will assist with the eviction process to whatever degree you would prefer our involvement.

Call On Real Property Management When You Want Only the Best

Any property manager from our Portland office would be happy to discuss your requirements or specific needs. Our real estate management team can keep you consistently updated with every detail of your rental property no matter where you are in the world. Our integrative tools can produce accurate statistics quickly so that you are never left in the dark as to how your properties are performing. Call our office today to speak to a representative about why we are the best in Portland when it comes to property management.